Oh yes! there is night life!
Dancing to dawn is a given!  You’ll see groups of musicians along the streets who are available for private parties. Centro Tijuana is full of life, fun and entertainment! Tijuana has excellent hospitals and specialty clinics that have the latest equipment, staffed with highly trained personnel. Orthodontist,  Plastic Surgeons, Oncologists and many more specialists  all who have up to date knowledge of the newest techniques in the many facets of medicine  some  have  combined their skills with  homeopathic medicine.  You will find your visits with your physicians performed with professionalism and sincere caring
Tijuana is a neighbor to the United States, travel is easy.  It’s a great get away from the every day hustle and bustle.  Whether you need to be in Tijuana for business, medical consultation, or just for fun come join us, kick back and just enjoy a few days of relaxation!
You may wonder why we have taken your time with information on Tijuana.  Hopefully we have taken away any fears or doubts you may have about visiting us, and  to let you know why we have chosen Tijuana for our home. experience the culture of Baja! simple luxury & comfort Sadie’s Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of Tijuana, the world’s most visited border In the world, you will see a lot of the old mixed with a  strong beginning of modernization in Mexico. But with all of these changes, you will still enjoy the warmth, the courtesy and the strong desire to be of help to you, something the people of Mexico consistently project.
You will find old market places that display everything from fresh produce, piñatas, and art work to kitchen supplies!  Art galleries, and craft stores display a wide variety of products that can be finished to your taste.
CECUT, a cultural center and Campo Campestre where some of the best artists have their presentations and extraordinary performances.
Tijuana, has a wide choice of restaurants ranging from the elegant to casual, to the American fast foods and to the tasty Mexican taqueria stands. Tijuana also offers a selection of  elegant fine dinning  restaurants who serve favorite dishes from Argentina, France, Spain, China, Japan and  of course, Mexico. The food is delicious, the service is friendly, efficient, comfortable and in good taste
Sports enthusiasts will find a beautiful manicured golf course located right in the middle of town...  a new racquet ball club, several casinos and dog racing.  
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